Not long now!

The cars are tucked away in the garage…

And everything’s loaded into/onto the motorhome…

Next stop Cardiff – well it is ‘another’ country! We are visiting our daughter on the way through to Folkestone.


About paulandalisons2012tour

Two committed Motorhome fans with an unhealthy interest in all things Volkswagen shaped. This blog will record our latest journey through Europe.
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3 Responses to Not long now!

  1. Anne says:

    Bon voyage! Will keep in touch through this site.

  2. Jason says:

    Hi guys, just came across your site, looking good! We’re travelling about in our old Hymer for a few months, maybe a couple of years, and are really loving it. I saw your section on aires and just wanted to check if you’d seen the downloadable database at If not, it is worth checking out, and it has thousands of parking locations in, which don’t have facilities but are often free. We are finding we need an aire maybe once every three or four days, and that many aires in popular spots charge a few euros a night. While good value still, if you can get somewhere for free… Also, the database has comments usually from people who have visited the aire, in French unfortunately, but we usually muddle through them. We did mistake ‘voleur’ for windy though ‘vent’, when it actually means thief! We’re at if you want to see the spots we stayed at. Cheers and have a great trip, Jason

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