Quick Update

Well we left the house one day and one month ago! We travelled into Spain today having thrashed through the Pyrenees – boy did that engine smell hot! (probably the last of the paint on the brand new exhaust fitted before we left) and the brakes got a tad warm on the downhill bits too. There are more hilly bits to conquer but I reckon we have broken the back of it.  We are at Mendigorria at a fully equipped campsite for a couple of days and there is internet access too so I can update a few bits here and there and bring the blog up to speed.

We have got used to washing yesterdays kit in the shower and saving water like it was a glass of premium lager. We have even got used to swapping our four bedroom house for an area roughly 2.2 m x 6 m as well. We cope with ensuring the batteries in every appliance we have get charged up before we head off away from electricity too.

And we haven’t killed each other…



About paulandalisons2012tour

Two committed Motorhome fans with an unhealthy interest in all things Volkswagen shaped. This blog will record our latest journey through Europe.
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12 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Anne Reis says:

    Hi Paul and Ali
    Glad to hear from you and that you are making progress! Sounds like a bit of a mission getting to Spain both for you and motorhome. Can you not collect rainwater to wash your bits out or is it actually sunny where you are? Failing that how about going commando!! Annexxx

    • We use re-cycled water left over from washing ourselves and washing up and even cooking water. Unfortunately my tee shirt now, whilst being clean, smells of boiled eggs and black pudding…

      …we wash stuff as we go along 🙂 and we still look and smell quite civilised !!

  2. Anne Reis says:

    Oh dear sounds a bit horrible! I suppose we take water for granted. You will be contenders for Bear Grylls show soon

  3. Oly and Mike says:

    where are you heading for? we set off in Feb and are on the Spain/Portugal border at the moment. Intend to go back to uk for July August up the coast of Portugal.

    • We are in Valladolid at moment and heading for Salamanca tomorrow to a real site for some 240v and a real shower! and then a slow meander towards Tomar (meeting friends who live there approx May12/15 ish

      • Oly and Mike says:

        we have a Hymer van and a home in Ayamonte Spain. If you come this way please make contact. We will be here till end of June then off north up the Portugal coast to spend July August in the UK.

      • We will be very close to your neck of the woods early June so will keep you posted regards our location – nearer the time. Put the kettle on!

      • Oly and Mike says:

        will look forward to meeting you

  4. Rod Sleigh says:

    Hi Paul and Ali,
    Hope you are enjoying better weather than we are here in the UK, it’s been wet, wet & more wet since you left.

    We are on our way South as soon as Stanford Hall is over, under the channel on the 9th. Heading South probably to Spain, Portugal, back into Spain further South and round in a big loop. Out for six weeks so maybe we’ll trip over you somewhere.
    The latest T5 is going well and looking forward to its second season in the sun?

    Best wishes,

    Rod & Liz

    • We ‘plan’ to be in Portugal from May 10 until end of June (first at Tomar with Pete and Pat and then later in Algarve between Luz/Faro/Conciecous – see if we are near each other and hook up for a beer etc as we go!

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