A ‘Gale’ update

As we have spent quite a long time in one spot I thought I had better give a little update and ‘spill the beans’ on this lovely part of the The Algarve.

I have reviewed the Parque da Gale’ site in my ‘aires/sites’ section do the details on how to find it are given there.

Just around the corner on the main road are several restuarants including ‘O Girassol’ and a great ‘snack bar’ right on the corner as you turn for the parque (I’ll get the name later and add it in) and we have eaten at both with good food and reasonable prices at both – there’s lots of other places offering anything from fresh fish to a quick burger.

There are three/four main beaches all within a brisk walk or quick bike ride although it has to be said that the nearest ‘Gale’ beach is very busy at weekends – and too cosy for my liking (as you can see below)


The ‘easterly’ end of Gale Beach

The beach towards Armacao has a nature reserve next to it and in my 2012 Tour section I have posted a couple of pix of the turtles and flamingoes.

The ‘reserve’ and boardwalk

Albuferia is five miles away – I can manage it on the bike but it is a bit hilly and the road can be a bit hair-raising so I take the coast road when I do fancy a bit of exercise.

The Marina

There’s a market at Guia – about two miles away –  on the third Friday of the month if you fancy a bargain and a walk up the hill. Plenty for everyone here at Praia da Gale – I strongly recommend it.


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