So six months into the trip…

And we haven’t killed each other – yet.

Whilst it doesnt seem like five minutes since we left the house in the capable hands of our son, Chris we have visted and passed through several countries, including one neither of us had been to before (Italy)  We have had a couple of hitches on the way but that is only to be expected I guess with any vehicle – let alone one over ten years old. We have got around the ‘hitches’ so that’s all sorted.

For those that like a few facts and figures – and you may doubt some of what I am about to tell you but I assure you it is the exact truth. Site fees and such like amount to a paltry £736 for six months so about £4 a night on average, a figure kept so low by the bounty of free Aires in which to stay and at no great discomfort. We have spent a further £810 on 770* gallons of fuel giving us something like 28 MPG and the two cobbled together mean we have spent about £260 a month on sites/travel. Our food and drink bill (which would exist even if we stayed at home) is about the £240 a month mark but that excludes our occasional eating out costs.

*this should read litres – I won’t correct it as it then makes a nonsense of the comments! 🙂

We bought a solar panel to help our electric as we go and that cost £250 (much cheaper than the UK) and the alternator cost us £150 to repair (again much cheaper than the UK)  I bought a LPG gas converter for £50 to refill our gas bottles and other than that there has been nothing of any note.

Not a Kings Ransom for a great trip!


About paulandalisons2012tour

Two committed Motorhome fans with an unhealthy interest in all things Volkswagen shaped. This blog will record our latest journey through Europe.
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2 Responses to So six months into the trip…

  1. Miguel says:

    £810 on 770 gallons of fuel ? Really? £1.05 a gallon? Is your motorhome a time machine as well? 😀

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