Oradour sur Glane

This village deserves its own page in my opinion but in the interest of more people seeing it I shall post it here (for now anyway). It was recommended that we visit and we were amazed – in an odd way as being amazed my mans unhumanity to man isn’t pleasant and there’s not a lot of cheer when walking about Oradour other than the fact that you can thank your lucky stars that things have changed a lot since 1944.

In a nutshell – on June 10 1944 just four days after WW2 was declared over German troops rounded up 642 civilians – men, women and children alike – and murdered them. A whole village rounded up and shot and burned alive in some cases. The village stands to remind us how awful that was. Some 354 buildings and homes were destroyed after the slaughter and now the remains sit as they did in 1944 together with a museum with artefacts found at the time – children’s toys, watches, glasses and all manner of items of everyday life. We stood in the church where 448 women and children where left to die in a burning building – if they tried to escape then they were shot/ The eldest in her nineties and the youngest just eight days old.

Here are some of my photos….

I urge you to ‘google’ it and read for yourself the terrible story of this village.


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2 Responses to Oradour sur Glane

  1. marlo hall says:

    And free motorhome parking with toilets and water near the tourist office in the new town.For historical accuracy the massacre occurred 4 days after D day as the Germans were on their way north(not the start of WW2)

    • Yeah, I should have mentioned the aire as thats where we stayed. I had planned to put it in my ‘aires’ recommendation bit as we have found a great ‘pay as you go site’ about 100 miles further up the road.

      I’m not getting the accuracy bit though – I’ve said it occured on the tenth – 4 days after D Day or am I missing something??

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