2013 Route

Netherlands, Germany and then Austria

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 12

As you can see we are just on the edge of Germany/Austria at the moment – here is a list of our stopovers:


1/ Asten


2/ Rheinburg (pictured below)

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 4

3/ Westhofen

4/ Ingolstadt

5/ Chieming

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 31


6/ Altenmarkt


7/ Ljubjlana


paulandalisons2012tour 2013 29

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 63

8/ Rovinj

9/ Pula

10/ Pomar

11/ Mascenicka Draga


paulandalisons2012tour 2013 100
The route back up North towards Germany – I have now put Ingolsdadt back where it belongs following me moving it about 50 miles or so due to poor eyesight. This section of map now takes us up as far as Nurnburg (site 17)

12/ Lake Bled


13/ Altenmarkt (the same site as on our way down South)

14/ Golling



15/ Bad Aibing

16/ Manching

17/ Nurnburg

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 119

18/ Forcheim

19/ Ebern

20/ Geschwenda

21/ Bad Langensalza

22/ Blankenburg

23/ Wolfsburg (Autostadt)


24/ Wolfsburg (Allersee)

25/ Hessisch Oldendorf

26/ Olpe

It is at this point that we decided to return to the UK due to our daughters pregnancy related ‘problems’ and started to head – quite directly – to Dunkerque for the ferry. We skipped through Belgium and the Netherlands and straight into France.


27/ Cassel

28/ Dunkerque (harbour)


paulandalisons2012tour 2013 GM2806
Those familiar white cliffs

29/ near Swindon

30/ Broughton. Wales

31/ CL site at Upton on Severn rounds off this years outing as we are now back home.


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