2013 Tour

Northbound Germany

Wolfsburg and Hessisch Oldendorf
We visited primarily for a couple of car shows but I’ve managed to find a few snaps that aren’t ‘all cars’ 😉

Bad Langensaltz first and a lovely 16th century town – stunning at the very least

Northbound Austria

We paid a return visit to the Aire at Altenmarkt as we knew it was good and suited us. We took the opportunity to visit the castle used in ‘Where Eagles Dare’ which we missed on the way down.





Northbound Slovenia

We have headed back to Slovenia and stopped at Lake Bled for a few days before we go to Austria.

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 80

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 76

The lake is lovely and a very enjoyable walk too.

We took the opportunity to go and see Vintgar Gorge as well and it is stunning and unspoilt. A great day for the camera too.

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 81

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 82

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 83

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 84

We then headed back north … more soon!

Croatia – we have arrived!

We spent five days in Rovinj and later I will put up some more photos of it to do it the justice it deserves.

We were advised to go to Pula – which we did and saw the amphitheatre there – one of the best in the world, and preserved so well that it is still in use today for concerts and the like.

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 58

We are currently at Pomar and frankly it is the prettiest spot I have camped at in a long long time.

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 51

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 52

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 53

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 54

And all for 12 Euros/A tenner a night – Happy Days!

Southbound Slovenia

We then blasted through Slovenia – although staying two night at Ljubljana which is a charming city and cracked on to Rovinj, one of my new ‘favourite’ places ever.

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 57

Southbound Austria

We entered Austria after a few days in Germany and found a great little campsite at Altenmarkt and had a wander about the town – it was quiet but I guess when the ski folk arrive it gets a good bit busier.

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 55

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 56

Southbound Netherlands

First night near Asten at the Wetlands Campsite which is great and our first proper night out (we did camp last night but simply on the harbour at Harwich). We are heading towards Venlo tomorrow – we visited about 15 years ago so its time for a return visit. So that;s us on our way!

Following the Netherlands we stopped in Germany with Ingolstadt being a great stopover. For car buffs it is home of the Audi and a great museum. We stopped on the Stellplatz there for Ten euros for three days with electric – no complaints there 🙂

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 6

I’ve drawn up some plans

I thought I had better lay out some sort of plan for our departure in a couple of weeks time. And, it looks a little like this…

croatia route 330

Will we stick to it ? well we will certainly start off at Hook of Holland and finish up in Rovinj, Croatia – in between anything could happen.

More Edinburgh Antics

Whilst I am away working I do get time to myself and every other weekend at least Alison joins me here. I was taken out for the launch of the new Porsche Cayman a few weeks ago and picked up at the campsite in a lovely black Panamera by long standing car buddy John Hunter. A great night out courtesy of the OPC Edinburgh – a fine establishment.


I popped out the weekend before last to enjoy a drink in Rose Street and perhaps find a bit of love music and I did just that at the Black Cat. An excellent accordion and fiddle combo played Irish/Scottish folk all afternoon. Strongly recommended. Prior to that I sent to gawp once more at my very own lighting in Prices Street and even bullied someone into taking my photo against one of my (many) newly sited columns.


And last weekend we spent the weekend in the car park of the Cramond Arms in exchange for a few pints and a meal or two – a great placed to stop with a lovely view of the sea.


Back in Scotland for a while


Our tour is on hold for a few weeks as I have returned to Scotland to carry out some work for The City of Edinburgh. And, no, I’m not sweeping the streets – I’m lighting them! As part of a campaign to spend some money to, in term, save some they are installing some new low energy LED lighting in strategic areas to reduce the ‘electric bill’.

They mentioned this chunk of work when we dropped in on a purely social basis a few weeks ago and after thinking about it I decided to ‘top up our spends’ with a few weeks of lighting design. It means we delay our travels for a few weeks but we can still do everything we wished in the three months that are left.

I am still in the motorhome as I decided to use it as ‘somewhere to live’ whilst I am ‘oop north’ as I prefer to use it than stay in a hotel or similar. I manage to cycle into work most mornings from the Caravan Club site at Silverknowes but Edinburghs excellent bus system gives me a drier and warmer option if the weather doesn’t suit cycling. Such is so today where I have woken up to a bit of snow. To some extent, although I am working, I feel like I am still on holiday!

Its surprisingly busy on the site despite being early in the season which you wouldn’t really expect until after Easter. I may change sites after Easter as the price shoots up anyway and I may welll quite like a change of scenery.

Off to Derbyshire

Possibly the best weekend that we have had in ages with icy cold nights but lots of synshine during the day. We can strongly recommend the CL site at Litton (the site is Litton Logs who supply firewood) A very simple site and priced at just £3.50 – which in our case included being towed out of the field by tractor!!


We were guided to the field which looked dry but alas it was still boggy so the owner pulled us back up to near the entrance. We had a good laugh about it, paid our meagre fees and set off on a walk as recommended by the owner round to Cresswell and back into Litton to visit the pub. We didnt eat but the food looked great and will cause us to return soon.

It was certainly a steep walk up the hill!

Ooooop North

Well, we have kicked it off properly and are currently parked in a snowy field in Knaresborough, Yorkshire. We headed off on Friday but only got as far as Cadishead and stayed with friends there so we could go to the Caravan and Motorhome Show. We then headed for Holmfirth and stayed with more friends for a mid tour catch up.

We are now actually using the motorhome so its the first leg of our 2013 tour.


A brisk walk to the pub at the end of the road and back to the motorhome for a couple of Bolster Moor pies will ensure we dont waste away!

We carried on to Durham and then onto Edinburgh to catch up with work collegues there. It also gave me opportunity to finally see the result of some lighting design work I did over six years ago – so that’s why theres a photo of Princes Street below!


There’s been plenty of snow for sure as you can see below.


We are back home for a couple of weeks before we kick off towatds Europe again. Watch this space.


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  1. Sam Hopwood says:

    Great 2012 blog. Look forward to 2013 blog. Trip my hubby wants us to do next year.

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