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Well, we made it – seven months late but we got here. We have checked in at Polari Campsite in Rovinj for the VW Buba (Beetle) meeting and are having a blast, Lots of local and typical Croatian food and home made pear Schnapps (firewater) so we are being treated like kings – partly because we have travelled so far to this VW meeting and partly because these people are wonderful hosts πŸ™‚

As a result of our visit to the VW Show and countless new friends our stats for the blog took a turn today – more visitors from Croatia than the UK πŸ™‚

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Show is over so now time for photo’s of the lovely surrounding area.

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This is a view from the front of the campsite – yards from where we are camped – a lovely site

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Some more Croatia shots…

Theres a great walk/cycle ride of three miles between the Polari campsite and Rovinj town. Lots of good restaurants in the harbour with fresh fish too.

We are currently at a lovely site in Pomer with a spot right by the sea giving us the best views we have enjoyed yet. It’s sensibly priced at 12 Euros a night (with ACSI card) and free good Internet. It was nearly 12 Euros for the WiFi alone at the last site. There is a bar on site with a simple restaurant that serves fish only. We had two plates of sardines, two wines each, fresh warm garlic/herb bread and a salad all for just under Β£10.

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Our view!


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Two committed Motorhome fans with an unhealthy interest in all things Volkswagen shaped. This blog will record our latest journey through Europe.
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4 Responses to Croatia!

  1. Colin Davies says:

    Love the Morrison’s carrier bags on the saddles – to keep the rain off or the bird shite? BrownBUG off of that VZi place…..

    • Rain – we had a bit on the way down but had packed the ‘proper’ cover away a few days back πŸ˜‰ Very little bird shite ever hits the bikes as its all on my recently cleaned and polished roof πŸ™‚

      • Colin Davies says:

        How do you like Croatia? We had looked to pop to Dubrovnik for our hollibobs as it looks charming. Most of the Adriatic coastline looks kinda cool, unspoilt and, they say, welcoming.

      • Love it – and I know we will be back. The Zagreb VW Club treated us like royalty – friends forever! I’ve never met a friendlier bunch of people – and we were a bit nervous about coming to a VW meet where we were the only English! We are now at Pomer with a great view (I am sticking pix up later when I update to the blog. We were on Pres Tito’s island yesterday – too.

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