Up to Wolfsburg….

From Nurnburg we travelled up towards Wolfsburg via Blankenburg and a couple of other small towns on the way, one spot is well worth a visit called Bad Langensalza and most of the town is dating back to 1650 or so with most of it buildings dating back to then and kept in very original condition – Blankenburg is much the same and is served by two ‘stellplatz’ – one is the newly appointed one at 4 euros a day and the other is a well established one behind ‘the Kiosk’ and they offer full time electricity at 2 euros a day plus 5 euros for the plot – and he is nearer the toilet. So he won. Our stay in Wolfsburg was wonderful – for car enthusiasts it is a dream and it kicked off six days of car related stuff that we simply had to be part of. If you are interested in the old car stuff then I will be posting lots of photos of old VWs in my ‘Old Car’ section. We went on from Wolfsburg to Hessisch Oldendorf (about 100 miles) for more old VW related stuff and again pix of that will be posted in the ‘car’ section. Both towns are full of history and worthy of a good look about but I am afraid that I spent all my time (and memory cards) on photos of old cars so you will just have to ‘google’ them 😉

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 vwcar3
The car of the show for me – simply stunning.

Some more photo’s from Hessisch Oldendorf

…and heres some more that even though they are ‘full of old cars’ you can see how pretty Hessisch Oldendorf is.


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Two committed Motorhome fans with an unhealthy interest in all things Volkswagen shaped. This blog will record our latest journey through Europe.
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