So Proud!

Well – what a day!

The very reason that we had to abandon our travels in Germany and Belgium has arrived today. A truly beautiful boy – Finlay – and arrived about 1.15 and has made us the happiest grandparents you could ever imagine. Its nothing to do with travel but I am going to show you a couple of photos anyway as this little fella is part of the reason we have travelled as we have over the past 18 months – we’ll now use the motorhome to spend some time with him and his Mum and Dad.

So we are here in Wales now for a while 🙂


About paulandalisons2012tour

Two committed Motorhome fans with an unhealthy interest in all things Volkswagen shaped. This blog will record our latest journey through Europe.
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4 Responses to So Proud!

  1. Anne Reis says:

    What a perfect baby he’s beautiful! All the best to you all and enjoy. You will have a lot Of fun together. Annexx

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  2. patricia keeley says:

    Congratulations to you both, and of course to the proud parents. Isnt it the best feeling in the world seeing your grandchild? I can tell you it is like nothing you have ever experienced Our 3 are here for the weekend but leaving today and I dread seeing them go. Lots of love to you all xx


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