Back to Portugal

A bit of an update as we have just spent 11 days in our favourite holiday destination. Eleven days is nothing compared to the four months we spent there in 2012 but it was enough to remind us how much we love Portugal. Although we flew in and out this time there is a ‘slight’ motorhome/caravan edge to the update as we did spend two nights in a 20 year old Dutch caravan whilst in the village of San Martinho whilst visiting Manuela who we met whilst in Cabanas back in 2012 – we kept in touch since and thought it would be nice to see what Alantejo offers. It offers a lot so we will certainly return.


We kicked off the break with a week in an apartment we booked through Owners Direct and that was lovely – everything you need, and more! That was in Cabanas where we called in on our old friend Wolfgang who has stepped up his motorhome site from an idea he gleaned whilst we pitched up in his orchard for four weeks in August 2012. He now has a water tap, electrics and space for five units currently occupied by (mostly) UK motorhomers.

We drove up to San Martinho after our stay in Cabanas where we did our spot of ‘vintage caravanning’ at a site which accepts motorhomes and tents with good facilities including a kitchen, WC and showers and even WiFi ( Manuela showed us some lovely beaches – tucked away from the tourists and showed us some real ‘home Portuguese food’ at her local restuarants.

Us, at a quiet beach 🙂

Our last two days were spent at Gale and we popped in to see Ju and Paulo at Parque da Gale ( ) where we spent over seven weeks at their superb site. Its expanded at little and can now take a few more units with some of them offered at reduced rates as they are not near the electric points – that suits some people no doubt. The weather was kind and although we would have loved to stay longer enjoyed our stay very much.



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Two committed Motorhome fans with an unhealthy interest in all things Volkswagen shaped. This blog will record our latest journey through Europe.
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