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Alison and I became interested in motorhoming following the ownership of three Volkswagen ‘campervans’. Out first purchase was an accident, or rather ‘chance’ purchase just before a planned trip to Ireland.  We were going to ‘B and B’ in our old VW Beetle but I was offered the 1978 half finished Type 2 and decided that was a better option.

Not long after we swapped the ’78 for an even older 1968 Danbury Type 2 which had sat for years unused just waiting for someone like me to put some life back into it  – we took that camper on our second Irish trip. The camper was good enough to be featured in a number of VW magazines…


Our previous camper was a good bit more modern – well it was to us anyway! A 1994 VW T4 Autosleeper Trooper which we put to good use for over four years. That joined us on several trips including the Scottish Highlands, France and yet another Irish tour.

So you may have twigged that we are Volkswagen enthusiasts – that all started with a succession of VW Beetles in various guises and a few of which are still ‘in the family’ with our son Chris and daughter Kirsty now in charge of their upkeep. Our cars (or some of them) are featured in their own wordpress blog.

Alison is a Pharmacy Technician and I am a Lighting Engineer – after 35 years in full time employment we are both taking a break from work to allow ourselves to indulge in this trip. I slipped back into work earlier this year for a couple of months before the second leg of our trip.

Yet another Irish tour!

And here is a more current picture of us away in Italy at Lake Iseo.


After our time away last year we decided it still wasn’t a long enough break and have continued our travels in 2013 until further notice. We will be returning to the UK in August for the arrival of our first grand-child. We are already planning more time in Germany and France for 2014.


14 Responses to About Us

  1. Sue says:

    Alison you havent changed a bit :o)

  2. jenny turner says:

    Loved reading your stories. We are hoping to do the same at the end of the year but we need some advice on Motorhome insurance which covers us almost full time. Which insurance would you recommend? Thank you.

    • I used ‘Saga’ as they provide unlimited Euro travel and unlimited Breakdown cover (the vehicle – not me!) and the price was good for us (I am over 50 – hard to grasp I know) Beware the RAC is only 31 days and you can only break down once – useless if you ask me. The Saga one uses the AA so good all round. The insurances are a minefield so good luck!!

  3. Fred and Susan Barlow says:

    I hope you remember us, we were at Gale for a few weeks in August. Seems a long time ago now.
    When we got home we made the decision to down size in motor home, and have already found a small Bessacar. it’s very nice, but will feel very different to the RV and will take some getting used to.
    I was wondering if you had Jenny and Reg’s email because they seemed keen to buy a camper just like the one we now have for sale.
    Hope all is well with you both. Enjoyed reading the blog ! Good luck with the travels
    Sue Fred and Polly(the dog).

    • How spooky – I am just about to email Reg about something else, having just emailed Steve and Loraine/Peter and Leslie and I was concious we hadnt popped you our contact details. I will send Reg’s email address by emails rather than put it here and then you will have our mail too. Good to hear from you

  4. Paul Carr says:

    Hi both, First of all I would like to say what a wonderful story from your travels in your CC, I wish I was so brave and healthier to be able to do half what you have acheived, I am new to motorhoming if one can call it that and am interested in your article on the solar panel, I too have a compass calypso 1997, with 50k on the clock and I intend to do a tour of the britiain – if you know someone in the u.k who is reliable and professional and available to fit one on my CC…

  5. Paul Carr says:

    Thank you, how many miles have you acumalated in your travels in your CC.

  6. Paul says:

    Thank you

  7. Martin Dable says:

    Hi, came across your excellent site whilst looking for info on installing a Solar panel on our motor home, we are planning a “big trip” to Europe next year , had been a caravaner for many years but made the leap to MH last year, interesting to read about your travels. I too was a lighting engineer for Thorn Lighting for 26 years starting in early 70’s, but now working part time in support services for a large solicitor in Nottingham, good to read about your travels and take on board your tips and advice.

  8. Rob Brouwer says:

    Goodmorning, what a nice site with lots of info. We just bought a VW t4 Compass Calypso 550. It seems to be difficult to find a supplier of spares in the Netherlands. Could you please let me know where to order spares etc in UK?
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards, Rob Brouwer

    • Thank You Rob. A few questions then:
      Is it RHD and a UK vehicle (as you are in the Nederlands)?
      Are you needing chassis/engine/VW based spares?
      or – stuff relating to the coach/habitation/camper parts


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