Mercedes Hymer Starline 510

This is our current motorhome. After a twelve month search for a right hand drive, Mercedes based vehicle with this layout and with seat belts for three we finally found the ideal motorhome. The search and wait were well worthwhile. As with my pages of information for the VW I will keep adding to this section as I go along and hopefully it will prove a useful resource for anyone searching for similar vehicle. So here are a few photo’s to start with.

Arriving after the journey from Newquay

And a few more of the interior…

Here’s a few shots of the motorhome in use – I haven’t tidied anything up so they are a little less clinical than the gallery above and hopefully give you a better idea of a Hymer being used. For your info we literally had just got back from Blakemere.


It just fits on the drive.


A view from the rear.

And a few words from the manufacturer about the specification.

An A Class motorhome from one of Europes top manufacturers. This bar version layout combined with a long settee and a single chair, is regarded as the most popular due it’s great flexibility. The cab seats swivel to create a lovely lounge and relaxing area. Synonymous with this unique construction method is the huge pull down bed that easily pulls down over the cab area. The rear kitchen is adjacent to the very well equipped bathroom.

Right hand drive
Swing wall shower room
German construction
Lots of external storage
Leather upholstery
Air-ride suspension
Bicycle rack
Power steering
3 burner gas hob
Truma space heater
Gas warm air heating
Panoramic roof light
Captains seat with arm rests
TV aerial
Radio / CD
Fresh water tank
Waste water tank
Double glazing
Window blinds and flyscreens
Lino flooring
Cassette toilet

The vehicle is just under 3 metres tall and 5.75 metres long.


17 Responses to Mercedes Hymer Starline 510

  1. Hugh Parsons says:

    I have one of these too: 2002, 55000 mls, LHD, and totally underused! Had some problems with the sprint shift but having owned Jeeps (Just Empty Every Pocket) not cardiac arrest inducing to sort out! Daft question but what tyres are yours on? Regards.

  2. Hugh Parsons says:

    Was your VW a robotised gear box or a standard automatic with a torque converter? I am interested in your negative comment. Have you put a solar panel on the Hymer yet – or intend to?
    I need to replace the 240v external socket. Any experience of that job? Thanks for the Kumho reference. I have found some for £82 fitted and will do this – good experiences of Kumho from my off road days when my truck was wearing 33″ wheels! Never let me down.

    • The speedo stopped wor, ingandi had to replace the ECU at a cost of nearly a grand. A year later the van wouldnt start as it thought it was in reverse and it turned out the ECU was wet again and causing the gearbox faults. We dried it out and stopped the water gdttinginto ECU. It didnt fail again but it always left me worrying it might let us down. I prefer ‘real mechanichals’ to the wizardy bits.


  3. Neil Timms says:

    We have the same van (2003) but with an auto box. No problems but looking to sell as we “Dont get around much anymore”. Shame really, just over 20k on the clock. Great van, we love it.

  4. Hugh Parsons says:

    I think he was trying to reply to Neil Timms post! Not much traffic on this blog……

  5. Quentin says:

    Yours still going strong? Here’s the evil twin! Not had this long so just getting to grips with it, SprintShift Auto which I like so far, only done about 30k miles.

    • Ours is a 5speed manual. Our last VW was auto but the front wheel drive and that box made for some serious traction issues!

      • QFieldBoden says:

        I can imagine! I wonder if you could advise me on something. In my LPG locker there are two propane bottles and these are connected together and I believe swap over automatically when one is empty. The thing about the setup is that, to me at least, it all seems a bit untidy and things seem rather loose and wobble about rather. I don’t have a photo but I can take one in the next day or so. I wonder if you could describe your LPG setup or even post a photo of it as I’d like to compare as I think mine needs tidying up, unless they are all like that! Thanks.

      • Sure, take a photo and I’ll do the same tomorrow. Today’s job was changing all the lamps to LEDs. I’m about to pop out and see how bright they are.

  6. QFieldBoden says:

    Hi, right, I popped to the motorhome and took a few shots of the LPG setup which looks like a bit of a lash-up to me! It seems a white plastic bracket which is supposed to hold the pipework to the inside of the cabinet is bust but it must have broken because it’s under some kind of tension, be interested to see what your looks like! I’d also appreciate any advice about what the different bits do if you are able to help at all.

  7. Sorry for delay – we’ve been prepping for our Greece trip. It’s a bit dark and wet at the moment so I’ll snap a shot of our very simple arrangement.

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