Old Cars

Something from Wales now…

IMG_2610Something from Wales now…

And a caravan and tow vehicle in the same yard near Cowbridge.

More German tinware…

No ‘cheating’ by using car show pictures or museums shots this time. A lovely 911 targa and by contrast a well loved Trabant with the ‘fibre’ front wings. The owner of the Trabby was so proud of his car he opened up the engine bay and showed me the vin plate to confirm its age.




Wolfsburg, Germany

Another museum – this time the Volkswagen Museum

Again I am cheating a little as this is a museum but the cars are too beautiful to not share – so forgive me.

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 87

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 92

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 90

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 89</a

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 86

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 85

All at the private collection at The Porsche Museum, Gmund, Austria – http://www.porschemuseum.at

Another Croatian find – still in use and parked outside the Supermarket

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 61

Another offering from Croatia and a lovely one too – its a motorhomes ‘toad’ which is carried on a trailer and used during the day. Well done.

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 47

Here we have a sixties Mustang miles away from home in Croatia (not Europe yet) – nice tidy example too…

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 48

Germany here – mid May 2013

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 10

I went to the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt, where you would expect to see old cars but this was so stunning I thought I would share it. Its a replica of a late 1930’s racer but the attention to detail in amazing.

However in the streets on the way back there were hourdes of ‘oldtimers’ on display. They like their cars in Germany!

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 9
A lovely Arbarth stealing the show.

On the way into Ingolstadt, fittingly enough near Stuttgart we spotted this lovely 356.

paulandalisons2012tour 2013 11

UK’s Offerings

Here’s one from Scotland this time. An unrestored 1950s Morris Oxford – needs a bit of tidying but incredibly solid and quite sound. It was parked up at the CL in Edinburgh.



Spotted in Derbyshire…

paulandalisons2012tour 951


Albeit both German vehicles!

And back to FRANCE

France has an abundance of old cars – here are some more recent finds…

Whilst in Paris – the French equivalent of the ‘Gumball Rally’ shot through the city – loads of top dollar cars so here are two corkers!

A stunning Gullwing and…

…This ain’t too bad either!

From Ste Maure de Touraine here’s a lovely looking Citroen Ami

Our friend Brian in St Sulpice has a number of motors on both sides of the pond – here’s a few from his ‘French Collection’


Note the oil filler in the rear quarter – a one year only feature


I love the colour!                                                  Turbo Carerra Cabriolet


The ‘pony’ on the Mustangs bonnet                 And little Holleys Hot Rod!

This old delivery van  must have been an ambulance before it delivered vegetables of the organic kind!

Yet on the other end of the scale here is…

A perfect Pug returning from a day out to a local classic car trip

A few little Fiat oddities that I have found in the French Alps



This garage had a few old cars and I am guessing they are all well overpriced – the tatty blue Seat (unless it is really rare) had a proce tag of 5900 euros and that seemed steep to me – but I am no Fiat/Seat expert.


Our first ‘wee’ motorhome…



It’s parked on the site we are on at the moment right in the Italian Alps and just before you head toward Mont Blanc – I expect it will stay here for a long time.

An no one from Iseo…

You dont expect to find cars like this in Italy as it is rammed full of lovely old Fiats and other locally made motors but this Bel Air is super. As I was brought up on old US cars this is  a schoolboy favourite. And it’s a Nomad too!



We spotted it tucked away in a little repair garage at Iseo – dusty and unused for a while but absolutely mint.

Back to ‘European’ cars…

A French car on Italian soil – and in very tidy order too – I managed to catch a Piaggio in the background as it drove round the corner.

A 1953/4 Fiat 1100, or so I reliably told. Been sat quite a while!

Look at this little gem – just 11000 kms from new and in perfect condition…


I didn’t expect to see ‘one’ of these three wheeler Morgans let alone three! These English guys had driven all the way from Essex in these lovely motors.



The return to FRANCE

A nice Monaco plated Carrera up in the French Alps in Sospel.

A very tidy Peugot 504 just parked outside some offices on the industrial estate so obvious used regularly

The return to SPAIN

A lovely little Seat in Estartit – daily user too. I have seen three cars identical to this in my three days in Spain.


More ‘new’ old cars from Spain soon!


Piaggio still in use in Almeida (in fact it just drove past on the way out to lower town). The owner makes handmade guitars in the village. He may have a new customer if they sound any good!

The next three beauties are parked up in the ‘old’ fire station (they have moved to a new facility with ‘new’ vehicles)

A fantastic looking split window ambulance – I imagine the milage would be minimal given it only services the fortress town.

A Chevrolet ‘tender’ – I know nothing about these at all except this one looks very ‘nice’

An Opel this time – I know less about Opel fire tenders than I do Chevrolets!


Lovely Fiat 500 in Tomar

I last saw this Magiruz Deutz Fire Engine seven years ago – still a beauty!

And this buggy was very tidy – I missed getting a photo in the town but then stumbled across it outside a bar later

I took this photo in Silves – before we went to Lagos. Great use of a Bedford Van for me. Brings a new meaning to ‘I wouldnt be seen dead in a Bedford CF’


Despite its great condition it is left unused in the car park.

Everyone takes a photo of this – beyond redemption (the car – not me)

An old truck near Monchique – a Bedford (I have been told)

Take a look at this little gem – a Mini Moke I spotted down at the beach at Alvor – stunning condition and clean and tody too so obviously a car enthusiast

Not ‘old’ entirely but based on a seventies Beetle by the look of some of the donor parts, especially the rear lights.

The owner of the Aire that we are staying at owns this Citroen which still makes an annual pilgrimage to Morrocco despite its advancing (and his) years.


The interior is as ‘camp’ as the exterior – unlike Paulo!

My first ‘captured’ Beetle – a stock 1300 near Albufiera – tatty bonnet and wings but solid underneath (yes – I did look)

This came to the Aire that we are staying at (as there is a garage workshop around the back) for some work – very tidy and strangely these fetch upwards of £14000 currently!

We popped over to Villa Moura today to check out the Algarve Classics – great line up of old motors both ‘day to day’ stuff and the exotic – heres a few shots.

Usual MGs, Nice Fiat 850 and Daimler Dart


Lovely ‘gangster style’ Packard with rumble seat


This was the car to ‘drive home’ for me – fully rally specd up Amazon !!

Another nice Merc too

And then came along ‘Herbie’ – nice local  split window daily driver.

Not at the show but spotted at the shops on the way – truly stunning so I had to stop for a photo.

I have found a lovely old Beetle…



A lovely example with a sunroof – ideal for Portugals weather!

I stopped at a garage near Faro airport today – I have passed it loads of times over the years but always been in a taxi on the way to a flight so couldnt stop and have a poke about – this time I did!

Nice 1975 1303 UK registered Karmann for sale

Vauxhall Cresta at £10000 – ready to drive back to UK on its original UK plates

And a ‘fake’ oval with early window let in/with horrible exhaust!

This pile of old wrecked VW’s are just behind a car repairers on the way from Tavira to Cabanas – sadly it includes a yellow 1302S like ours…




And finally (from Portugal anyway) a few from my friends place a Cabanas…

A few bikes in Portugal

Thats a 1955 Jawa I am old – from a men who knows his German bikes.


Whilst travelling through the Pyrenees I stopped to take a photo of the view right outside a garage with this aged Land Rover, covered in dust, tucked at the back – naturally I got a photo!

And then in Aranda found a ‘defunct’ VW garage – I, of course, had to go and have a look.

Where a still useable Mk 1 Golf was gathering dust…

And then next door I found these gems – all wrapped up to avoid the dust that the other cars in Spain collect!

I couldnt get in any closer and around the corner were an old Rover, a Beetle and a Buick.

On the way to Salamanca I found a scrapyard at the side of the road – I just had to stop for this…

I toddled off to the car Museum at Salamanca earlier today (it was recommended by a friend) and found a lovely collection of cars taking you from the earliest rumblings of a motorcar in the early 1800’s right up to date. Here are just a few.

Hispano Suiza





An American designed Muntz – based on the Ford Thunderbird and only a handful (136 I think) ever registered. Ive never even heard or let alone seen one ever – that makes it rare.

I think this was made by Voissin – I am quite prepared to be corrected!

Concept car circa 2005 by Hispano Suiza – quite different from the car at the start of this mini tour!

And here is a shot of the car owned by the person who keeps our toilets at the campsite ‘Regio’ meticously clean

A lovely 30000 km from new Seat – mint in every way. For SAle but I didnt ask how much


 The first VW I spotted – near Cunault

The following pictures were taken in a restaurant car park – the local car club was out on a run – how lucky.

       Lovely condition too


Note the block under the front wheel of the Citroen – known for the rubbish handbrake ! He later parked up – somewhat bravely – near the river….

 Bravely parked


A rare Panhard

They later started the cars up and drove down to the river – a great sight.

 Model T in the village

 and then the Peugot

 and finally the Panhard

And now for two that are unlikely to ever see the light of day again…


These are in the Trogladite Caves where mushrooms are grown – to say its a bit damp is an understatement!

An older model motor home perhaps!

Some from Saille de Bearn too…

  Well used Ami Estate

An equally well used Golf Cabriolet

A nice old 70’s yank in the middle of french nowhere to brighten up the afternoon – two cars down was a 996 Carrera 4 in black exactly like mine. I didnt bother with a photo as I have loads of my own.


10 Responses to Old Cars

  1. colin evans says:

    keep up the good work lovin the blog especially the classics !

  2. That one in the cave is NEARLY as rusty as my Sunbeam Alpine was……………

  3. TP says:

    the T looks like a model A to me

    Keep posting……


  4. TP says:

    I realise you are now in Spain but there are a lot of French built flathead V8’s…….if you see any……put a couple of Euros deposit down and ill nip over for it.

    PS the “alcohol free” cider is still making me smile.

    • I am always looking out for cars – I found an on Buick (I think) in a garage FULL of old – yet tidy cars – I’ll have to post them in a day or so…

      Yeah 2 percent cider – what’s that all about!?

  5. Dragster says:

    You’re looking thin! Keep living the dream 😉

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