2012 Route

I have listed our stopovers from start to finish below. It’s not very high tech – I know- but it does the job and with days here and there with no internet its easier to draw it on a map. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

More detail of place names and costs/duration of stay are available at: https://paulandalisons2012tour.wordpress.com/2132-2/

This list includes a couple stopovers  following our return from the European trip – I can’t edit the list to remove those few dates without ruining the entire table.

We obviously ‘stopped out’ more than 207 nights but I have, of course, not detailed those nights where we were visitors in friends houses – as its unlikely that you know them well enough to cadge a free night or two out of them 😉


The above shows our approximate route through Franca starting at Calais and finishing up at Matha – sorry I have no more ‘technical’ way of showing the route but I am sure with my ‘felt tip blue line’ and the details below you get the idea.

1/ Berck

2/ Forge Le Eaux

3/ Madelaine

4/ Le Mans

5/ Durtal

6/ Bauge


7/ Turquant

8/ Montrueil Bellay

9/ Matha

10/ Gente

11/ Brans

12/ Rauzan

13/ Pomarez

14/ Sailles de Bearn


15/ Mendigorria

16/ 17/ Soria

18/ Aranda de Duero

19/ Valladoid

20/ Salamanca (Shown within ‘Portugal’ map)


The blue line is the route for 2012 (the black one was 2010 – too tight to buy a new map_

21/ Almeida

22/ Banquerenca

23/ Baixo

24/ Serta

25/ Tomar

26/ Benquiera

27/ Montargil

28/ Pegoe

A separate map for the Algarve area

The above covers from the west and across to Albufeira, whilst the next map takes us from Albufeira across to Cabanas and well on the way to the Spanish border.

29/ Portimau

30 Luz


32/Boca do Rio

33/ Sagres

34/ Carrapeita

35/ Praia da Gale (here from 18/06 to 07/08)

36/ Moncarapachio

37/ Cabanas

38/ Villa Real

And back into SPAIN

A lot of miles and just a few stops – we are gunning for France!

39/ Gelves

40/ Santa Elena

41/ Calaf

42/ Estartit

And now we are in the South of France

43/ Port Vendres

44/ Narbonne

45/ Meze

46/ Saint Martin de Crau (via a day at Arles)

47/ Les Arcs

48/ Sospel


49/ Cuneo

50/ Cherusca

51/ Carreno

52/ Iseo

53/ Stezzano

54/ Monza

55/ Ternate

56/ Madonna de Sasso

57/ Candelo

58/ Sesso Vittone

59/ Verres

60/Aosta (officially the noisiest place in the world)


61/ St Gervais les Bains

62/ Conflans

63/ Buergnuef

64/ Aix les Bains

65/ Annecy

66/ Nantua

67/ Bourg en Bresse

68/ St Forgeux

69/ St Germain Lespinasse

70/ Le Crozet (below)

71/ St Fourcain sur Sioule

72/ Bourganuef

73/ St Sulpice

74/ Oradour

75/ Lhommaize

76/ Ste Maure de Touraine

77/ Villedomer

78/ Marbou

79/ Maison Laffitte

80/ Abbeville

81/ Le Crotoy

82/ Equihen

83/ Licques

That’s it then. 5151 miles through France, Spain, Portugal and Italy and 6060 miles in total door to door by the time we get back to Cheshire (we are visiting our daughter in Cowbridge before we head further north. Its been a blast – we didnt get to all the places we had planned but we will tackle that in 2013.

By the way – many people have asked what sophisticated package I use for my mapping – google earth, OS Plus etc – but I use an exclusive website called www.putitonthepicnictableandtakeaphoto.com 😉  It works a treat!


4 Responses to 2012 Route

  1. Brian & Gail says:

    Glad you’re having a great time. Reckon we’ll do the same next year after we’ve been to Oz & NZ. Great website too, bazzin. Brian & Gail

  2. David Thornton says:

    What a fantastic journey you had ,we have only had our van since may this year hope to pluckup courage to try something similar next year.

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