Pauls 2013 Diary – January/February/March

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This is ‘Pauls Diary 2013’ simply entitled in my name as it’s ‘my’ diary. I have done this so if my wife doesn’t agree with the content then I can remind her that it’s mine and not hers. For earlier entries/lies and other nonsense cobbled together written since April they are now on separate pages.

As with last years entries – some of the following may be made up, exaggerated or simply lies! As I do that just to keep you on your toes and to make fun of other people at their expense. I shalln’t be promising to update this everyday as to be honest, especially when travelling through the internet-free zone that is France, it became a chore on occassions – not writing it up as I can spout rubbish all day long – the time spent trying to locate a few French MB’s became tiresome.

28 March – Having been two weeks since I last wrote a diary entry I though that I had better remedy that. I have been busy working – a strange and new concept – and two weeks ago I commented how weird the weather had been. It’s still being weird now with snow on the ground yet again this morning and gone by the afternoon with the sun coming out for the last few hours of the afternoon. There are drifts a little further down the road and still loads of houses without electricity not so far from here. I still have power, gas and the telly in my cosy motorhome – I suppose it adds to the fun.

12 March – What is it with this countries weather? At this time last year I was out on the drive in my shorts polishing and cleaning the motor home for our trip in the general direction of places even warmer. Last March was lovely and sunny throughout. Last night at 10.30 – when I should have been tucked up in bed – I was scrambling about under the motor home trying to defrost a frozen waste-pipe (I’m so ‘rock and roll’ me) as waste water from the washbasin had backed up through the shower tray leaving my once warm feet cold and wet. I woke up to temperatures of minus six degrees – the first time I have experienced that in a long while. I shuffled up the road on compacted snow and ice to get to work. Still, it looks like it’s getting warmer later in the week – but only because it’s forecast to rain! Roll on April!

10 March – I thought it time I did a Diary entry as I haven’t done one for a while. I am currently away on my own and whilst I am no stranger to working away and fending for myself I am finding it all a bit lonely. Given that Alison and I spent the last twelve months living in each others pockets this is quite a contrast. You may have spotted the word ‘working’ there and before you go and get your eyesight testing I can confirm that I am indeed working. Albeit it only for 6 weeks (temporary contract working on a project in Edinburgh) but it’s an opportunity to top up our ‘spends’ – and to fund the horrendous repair bill generated in fixing the motorhomes faulty speedo. Rather than rant about that bill here – I’ll be referring to it in the ‘things that went wrong’ section of the blog – I bet you can’t wait!

February 19 – We are still in ‘limbo’ at the moment 9It’s just up the road from Nowt to do on Sea!) We set off again in a few weeks, there’s still a few jobs to take care of and a few insurances/credit cards to renew and we are looking forward to setting off again properly. We did our big motorhome ‘shop’ today and bought all those things that you can get abroad anyway yet our commonn sense refuses to listen to our part of the brain that tells us that. We’ve just about fixed all the things that broke or wore out and put in place all those things that we didnt know we needed until we went away last time. According to a young man in the Apple Store (the phone place – not the greengrocers) our phones are too old to refresh with ‘App Updates’ anymore. The good news is that I can still make phone calls on it and recieve texts even if I cant get it to brew me a fresh coffee – oh well! 🙂

February 11 – I’m currently sat waiting for the motorhomes return from the hands of the mechanic. Its nothing serious – just the repair of the speedo and the windscreen wipers. I’m not used to having to pay mechanics for doing stuff as I would usually con my son Chris into doing it but as he’s swapped sides and now works for BMW I think his new employers might just spot a huge motorhome hiding amongst the 3 and 5 series ‘Beemers’. The speedo packed up way back in Portugal and I’ve been ‘guessing’ the mileage ever since. By resetting the sat nav on each journey and making a note of that days travel helps me to keep track of the passing miles. I am looking forward to it operating properly soon.

January 31 – An interesting couple of weeks up in Scotland seeing good friends on the way up, whilst there and on the way back. Everyone we stayed with was a ‘VW friend’ – people that we have met over the years as a result of our interest in Volkswagens. We stayed with VW people whilst away last year too. If I had made a few more VW friends over the years we could have sold the motorhome and taken the car staying with VW Friends along the way! But then that wouldnt be the point of travelling would it 😉 Later this year we are meeting up with more VW people whilst in Germany – some from over here, some who now live there (Germany) and some we haven’t even met yet. I like that.

January 21 – I’m probably not the only one who can see the irony in the fact that we chose to head towards Scotland in the hope of seeing some snow and are now ‘snowed in’ in Knaresborough, Yorkshire! We could have headed off again this morning but it seemed a little irresponsible to join those who really need to travel and who are struggling in the snow to add one more vehicle to the equation. We will however set off tomorrow – further North – to see even more snow/ This is why we never really actually plan anything because there are too many factors in any trip that can screw it up. So on our ‘journey’ thus far (including the European stuff last year) we have experienced the ‘hottest’, the ‘wettest’, the ‘windiest’ in Italy, Portugal and France respectively and now the ‘snowiest’ (if there is such a word) here in Yorkshire. It’s all good fun though.

January 17 – Well we decided to head off to Scotland to see some snow before we head back to Europe and the irony of sitting, staring out of the window whilst the snow is building up on the ground has just struck me. No doubt we’ll get stuck before we even leave the estate! The van packed up with jumpers and heaters galore – a stark contrast to six months ago but nice nonetheless. Lots of people have offered us a bed for the night en route including friends that I made whilst working in Edinburgh – if a few more offer we might as well leave the motorhome behind and go in the car. I’ve even put the bikes on so if the snow does clear we can risk life and limb in the highlands. Give us a wave if you see us!

January 13 – I suppose I should have though a little more about the name of our website especially knowing that we were also going travelling in 2013 but that’s the benfit of hindsight for you. So the web address will remain the same as I dont fancy setting up a whole new ‘2013’ site given that everyone who has ever visted our site knows us by our ‘old name’. I’ve spent the past hour looking at old parts of our site and as I sit here in Frozen Britain with three jumpers on I long for the great weather that we had in 2012. We are just in the throes of preparing the motorhome for our trip further ‘north’ to Scotland where we should hopefully see some snow in that fortnight. After that its back to Cheshire and our final preparations for ’round two’ of Europe. France, Germany and then through to Croatia and then back to Germany and Holland (with a few in between that we haven’t planned yet. To get me in the mood I am sippping a hot cup of Onion soup whilst perusing a large scale European map. Roll on March 😉 Finally – I do realise that in the photo shown above I do appear to be wearing someone elses shirt – someone much bigger than me – I’ll renew the photo when I get some more clothes that fit me!


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  1. Pat says:

    What !!! Not visiting Portugal.

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