Pauls 2014 Diary – March/April

Grandads Little Helper 🙂

This is ‘Pauls Diary 2014’ simply entitled in my name as it’s ‘my’ diary. I have done this so if my wife doesn’t agree with the content then I can remind her that it’s mine and not hers. For earlier entries/lies and other nonsense cobbled together written since April 2012 they are now on separate pages.

As with all previous entries – some of the following may be made up, exaggerated or simply lies! As I do that just to keep you on your toes and to make fun of other people at their expense. I can’t promise to update this everyday as to be honest, as not all days are necessarily interesting.

29 April – I heard something rather depressing earlier on the radio and that, overall and through our lifetime, is that many of us spend up to one year of our life ‘commuting’ and that ‘commute’ might cost as much as £50000. I dismissed it as bollocks something not quite entirely true and then, as I drove along the road ‘commuting’ and after adding and multiplying 2 hours a day by five and then 48 realised that it was probably true. That was the depressing bit I suppose. Admittedly I haven’t done that journey every day of my working life but on and off I have done the hour each way on the train, 1000 miles a week in the car and used to clock up 550 miles a week getting up to Edinburgh and back (at least that was on a plane/train). It has prompted the OCD in me to work it out properly before I completely dismiss it or further depress myself 😉 I am sure though that the fact we must spend even more ‘years’ just working to pay for the commuting is enough to make you jump off a tall building – at least that’s quick, and free…

15 April – Everyone seems to have gone ‘camping crazy’. We are struggling to book a couple of nights away at the weekend – and I realise its Easter break but there’s hardly a spare odd night anywhere. We have just managed to get into what must have been a last minute cancellation over toward Leek but it hasn’t been easy. We wouldn’t normally bother at Easter as its stupidly busy but we haven’t had a peaceful weekend away in the motorhome for weeks. I must also remember to thank the sites for all putting up the price simply because they can! I can’t charge more for my work at Easter but they can. Grrr 

5 April – oh, I forgot – and now I also have a Ferrari 😉

4 April – I was tempted to do a diary entry on April 1st but was convinced that many would think I was simply trying out an April Fool joke. We had stories of how we must eat 7 fruit or veg a day – or die amongst many other hard to believe true stories in the news. I have chosen today as it is exactly two years since we set off on our trip around Europe, starting in Wales and venturing to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia (I don’t think I missed anyone out other than Scotland where I managed to both ‘work and play’ whilst staying in the motorhome. A great two years. We said that we thought the time was right down to lots of thinks like ‘work’, stuff our ‘kids’ were doing and not at all least the possible arrival of grandchildren and whilst you can never ‘plan’ stuff like that – that grandchild is asleep in his nursery (here). It all landed right. Two years that we will never, ever, forget.

31 March – another weekend out in a white van with my Son but thankfully this time it was the motorhome! We decided to go to the VolksWorld Show at Sandown Park as neither of us have been for a few years. My lad hasn’t camped out in the motorhome before ( although he had a night in it recently when we ran out of spare beds in the house) so it was a new experience. We had in effect a ‘Dads and Lads’ weekend however there was more alcohol involved than the last one we attended back when he was in Cubs! The show takes place in Esher which must officially be the most expensive place in the world. Two pints at £9.80 and fish and chips rushed us £24! Oh well, you cant take it with you – well, not after a night on the tiles in Esher. A great weekend and a chance to catch up with many friends old and new.

15 March – we (that is my son, Chris and I) have spent most of today driving a high mileage Transit Luton van up and down the motorway. It is all in a good cause as we were moving my daughter and husband Nick (and our grandson but he was already tucked up at our house) back to Cheshire. All that said and done they are now no longer 200+ miles away. It will no longer take at least four hours to go and see them (unless we crawl on hands and knees to Marple) The journey to Cardiff and back is not one that I am going to miss! Its bad enough in a car or the motorhome but in a worn our builders van with a huge box riveted to it then it seems ten times as bad. Driving a Transit reminds you just why it was important to keep up at school 😉

9 March – well France is still nice and I managed a night on the Aire at Calais without incident (other than the dog in to motorhome next to me barking when I needed to ‘pee in the bush’ – thanks for that Mr Dog). Obviously when I drive to France and back in a day I get some time to reflect on driving as it takes nearly five hours to get there. I have gained a few opinions. I drive too slow – my 65 mph is too slow for all those who currently think that buying a tax disc actually makes them a major shareholder in the M6 – it doesn’t, so there. I drive at 65 mph to save fuel – not because I want to ‘Save the Planet’ but because I am a tight-wad and 66 mpg sounds better than anything below that figure. BMW/Company Car drivers – your ‘style’ does show when you ‘perform’ in traffic. You actually do ‘drive like dicks’ – no one else would treat their own car with such levels of ineptitude. Start driving like a real person please. And finally, you don’t need a motorhome to have a night out in Calais – I had another pleasant sleep in the Up! overnight at the Aire in Calais parked between two UK registered motorhomes.

7 March – thanks to the telly appearance we got a telephone call from old friends we made in Portugal in 2012. I was spotted as Jenny and Reg were sat watching the programme routinely and on I popped! They were our ‘next door neighbours’ together with dog Cato. Reg is into cars and used to work for VW in Ireland so many of our chats over a cold beer involved ‘car talk’. It serves to remind me what wonderful people we met up with on our various travels and a call out of the blue was a delight. They have asked us to pop over to Ireland to visit which we might just do (if they don’t watch their step) The car is washed and loaded up (or should that be Up!) for my trip to Calais (so I am writing this a little bit earlier than normal) and its just my luck that the sunniest day we have seen in ages is the day that I will spend all afternoon in the car.

4 March – Well its been a couple of weeks since my appearance on BBC’s ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ and strangly there’s no fresh offers from the other channels! Oh well, back to real work then. On that front I am still very busy – not bad for a country in a recession. I am off to Calais at the weekend again to avoid paying loads of duty bag a few wine bargains – I’ll be staying at the Aire at Calais but once again I will be sleeping in the car until Lidl opens. I’m so Rock and Roll me


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