Pauls 2014 Diary – May/June


This is ‘Pauls Diary 2014’ simply entitled in my name as it’s ‘my’ diary. I have done this so if my wife doesn’t agree with the content then I can remind her that it’s mine and not hers. For earlier entries/lies and other nonsense cobbled together written since April 2012 they are now on separate pages.

As with all previous entries – some of the following may be made up, exaggerated or simply lies! As I do that just to keep you on your toes and to make fun of other people at their expense. I can’t promise to update this everyday as to be honest, as not all days are necessarily interesting and at the moment we aren’t travelling regularly.

20 June – I had forgotten just how long it has been since I wrote a diary entry so I thought that I had better remedy that. And what better night than our 33rd wedding anniversary! And whilst we weren’t out and about in the motorhome in an exotic location as we have been in the past two years, we were having a wonderful time in Manchester. Months ago I booked tickets to see ten time grammy award winner, George Benson, in concert at the Bridgewater Hall so booked a night in the hotel – as Aires are few and far between in town ;).

George B and us two 200614

A great concert and once again I am breaking with tradition and posting a photo – as you can see we got to meet the great man – now 71 and still performing like he did in the seventies. A fantastic night. We are back out in the ‘new’ Hymer this weekend so I will be able to report just how we got on 🙂

29 May – Well, we are back after a great holiday – one I needed for sure as working for a whole 6 months after a nearly two year break was required. Tough isn’t it 😉 We love Portugal. End of story. We spent months there last time and could easily have stayed there another two or three :). I will be writing a ‘longer’ story about our stay in Portugal and our antics with our friends there in my ‘home’ section as a bit of an update on our general travels. I’ll see you there hopefully.

25 May – we have spent two days in ‘the middle of nowhere’ in a caravan in San Martinho in Alentejo. It’s right off the beaten track and gives you a real feel of old Portugal, unspoilt by modern stuff and tourists. Our good friend Manuela who lives in a traditional house in the quiet village. She took us on walks to an abandoned village amongst other unspoilt sites and today we drove to a few ‘secret beaches’ – simply beautiful. Two days of traditional Portuguese food and wine leaves us satisfied to say the least. Thank you Manuela, and Bingo 😉 for our trips out and we will be back soon.

20 May
– Our last stay in Portugal was in the motorhome in 2012 and for a few weeks we stayed with old pal Wolfgang at Cabanas. We cleared a space in his newly acquired field and enjoyed a very hot stay under the shade of the olive trees. This gave him an idea – and now there are several motorhomes parked up in the newly nicknamed ‘Wolfgangland’. He’s a newly appointed German version of a cross between Billy Butlins and the Caravan Club.

18 May – We are back in Portugal for a quick holiday – 11 days to be precise wnd nothing like our 16 week stay in 2012. Already, our meet up with portugeuse friends old and new has provided us with an epic evening of food, drink and laughs. Local fishermen had been out in search of oysters and mussels and so it was deemed to be oyster and mussel night – together with beer, wine, music and so on. A wonderful unprompted and unplanned bbq – I cant think of a better way to spending an evening. I have nevr had oysters as generally you are offered them raw and the term ‘cold snot’ springs to mind. Cooked, either on the bbq or boiled and they are lovely. A great night.

17 May – we are off to Portugal tomorrow – alas not in either of our motorhomes but flying for a short 11 day break in the sun. I dislike flying but not because any fear of our plane ‘going missing’ or such but the fact that you generally have to get uncomfortably close to the great unwashed, the mouth breathers and other dopey sorts. Air travel seems to bring out the worst in people – manners go out the window (even if you can’t open it) and folk behave completely irrationally. The whole thing is a series of queues – you queue in the booking hall and then queue to get to the waiting area only to queue to get on the plane and then queue to get a seat. You queue effectively for the toilet and queue to get off, queue to get your luggage and then queue to get on a coach. There will be no coach for us this time as we have hired a car – I’m told its a Chevrolet – I doubt it will be far removed from my idea of a ‘Chevrolet’ (fifties chrome and fins) – I’ll let you know 🙂

14 May – Has it really been a week? Yes it has and an actioned packed week it has been. We have bought another motorhome. not another one to keep alongside the other one but an other one 😉 The VW will sadly be going up for sale soon – no doubt to someone who will enjoy it as much as we did. They will have just as much fun as we had in it. our new motorhome will be a Mercedes Hymer – not much bigger than our VW but just offering a different layout, which suits what we are doing. Whilst loving the idea that we have a new place to sleep, we lament the leaving of our Compass which has served us so well. 🙂

7 May – Its a new month and a few days with the Grandson, Finn 🙂 Always a pleasure and never a chore. We took the opportunity to take our ‘new’ classic out to a couple of car shows at Gawsworth and Arley Hall and whilst we might occasionally think that we might be a bit car mad we are reminded that a lot of other people are a good step up from us. I’m off having leather patches stuck onto my jumpers as we speak! We’ve been into cars and more specifically VW’s for over 30 years now but nothing says weird interesting quite like an MG owner (joke) (or not). Oddball guys that we chose to avoid the second day of the car shows – but hearts of gold and very clever and usefull, dedicated chaps*. Our next show is in a good few weeks so time to collect some madcap stories myself and start smoking a pipe 😉
*who I wouldn’t leave alone with my cat (and I haven’t even got a cat to leave him alone with)


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